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Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment in Providence

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Addiction is a severe disease that is not only complex but hard to get rid of completely. When a person gets addicted they forget the concept of good and bad, all they do know is to continue their addiction and continue it at all cost. And that's why most addiction patients don't want to visit a doctor let alone check-in in a rehab.

But how does a person get that addicted to a life-damaging compound?

Well, simple, because substances like drugs and alcohol directly attack the brain's endorphin-inducing part. This part is responsible to make us feel orgasms, bliss, and all the other happy feelings. And that's why when the substance triggers that part, our brain releases endorphin that makes us ecstatic.

With the continuation of this action and reaction, our brain creates a bond with the substance. And not only our brain but our body also get used to drugs and becomes dependent on them. And this dependency is so strong that we cannot let go of the compound unless it is done with drug addiction treatment in Providence.

At a rehab, the patient will be given strong medication. These medications lessen the cravings as well as decrease the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. With time and continuation of consumption of the drugs, their boy starts to adjust to the substance's absence.

The patient will no longer feel the strong cravings; neither they will feel the urge to stay high all the time. And with time, this feeling will subside little by little. But there is no guarantee that the person won’t relapse if cravings are triggered. Hence, the patient is forced to live a life of restraining and self-control. But that cannot happen without the support and care of loved ones.

What does a gateway drug mean?

A gateway drug is any mood-altering drug (a stimulant or a tranquilizer) that may or may not cause physical dependence but opens a path for using other addictive drugs that lie at the top of the hierarchy. Gateway drugs are considered stepping stones for more potent substance abuse, says the drug addiction treatment centers near me.

How do we get addicted?

According to drug addiction treatment centers, gateway drugs like marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, etc. boost dopamine levels, which produces a euphoric feeling in humans. The gateway drugs consumed during adolescence ensure that the brain releases less dopamine during adulthood, which instigates users to seek more potent drugs for more dopamine releases and dramatic effects.

Substance use triggers a rewarding feeling in the regions of the person's brain, and it is due to this feeling that the urge to consume more and more arises and causes addiction.

How do drugs work in the body?

Different drugs have disparate effects on the body, depending on the person's drug endurance, general health and body size, and several other factors. They generally affect the body's central nervous system (involving how one feels, thinks, and behaves).

Depressants slow down the functioning of your brain, making your ability to respond to surroundings slower. In contrast, Hallucinogens distort your sense of what is real and affect you mentally and psychologically. Stimulants speed up your brain functions and make you alert and confident.

What are the side effects of a drug?

Side effects vary from person to person, depending on their age, general health, etc. The impact of drug addiction can be all-encompassing, leaving no part of the user's life untouched. Some of the common side effects as per drug addiction treatment centers may include structural and functional changes of the brain, unintentional injuries, weakening of the immune system, impaired decision-making, worsening of emotional wellbeing, crumbling interpersonal relationships, etc.

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