Essential Oils Come to your Rescue During Addiction Recovery

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Essential oils are potentially beneficial plant extracts. They can be extracted from different parts of a plant through various methods such as distillation, cold pressing, etc.

Aromatherapy involves the application of essential oils for a therapeutic purpose. The brilliant minds who provide suboxone treatment inform that oils made from natural sources and the aroma of some of these oils have positively impacted individuals’ well-being. Therefore, aromatherapy is considered a CAM (complementary and alternative medicine).

Essential oils in aromatherapy have been used for centuries to alleviate stress, reduce depression and anxiety, calm the mind, and restore well-being in patients undergoing addiction recovery.

How aromatherapy works

The essential oils used in aromatherapy can be put in a diffuser and inhaled or applied to the skin and massaged. You should not apply essential oils directly to your mucous membranes or ingested them orally. The suboxone clinics near me advise using essential oils only in a diluted form.

  • When you inhale the essential oils, the olfactory system is stimulated.
  • It causes a signal to be transferred to the part of the brain that controls emotions and also stores and retrieves memories
  • The signal in the brain triggers chemicals to be released that ease negative emotions and promote relaxation.
  • When the essential oils are applied to your skin and massaged gently, it tends to have a relaxing effect.

Benefits of aromatherapy for addiction recovery

Research conducted in the past years has shown that essential oils are safe when used as per the directions and support a wide range of health benefits. They have a significant impact on your mental, physical, and psychological well-being.

However, aromatherapy can only be beneficial when it is provided alongside your MATs. If you have the potential to incur expenses like the sublocade cost, you may as well think about investing in essential oils because it provides you with the following benefits:

  • Reduces stress
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Scales down depression
  • Boosts relaxation
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves sleep
  • Alleviates nausea

When it comes to recovery through sublocade treatment, aromatherapy can offer an extra boost of support. Learning how to manage stress, depression, anxiety, and other negative feelings is the key to addiction recovery. Essential oils can help you cope with negative emotions, which is crucial for preventing a relapse.

A list of most effective essential oils for addiction

Using essential oils during recovery can help individuals manage withdrawal symptoms. Some of the best essential oils for addiction recovery are:

Rosemary Oil

It helps in alleviating stress and anxiety. It can also provide pain relief and reduce opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Lemon Oil

It is a mood booster that may also reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. It can also reduce nausea and vomiting.

Geranium Oil

The suboxone doctors near me praise the mood uplifting quality of this essential oil. It helps in releasing grief and pain and enhances mood.

Lavender Oil

It has been proven to improve sleep and reduce muscle pain amongst addicts. Besides reducing symptoms like restlessness and insomnia, it is also an excellent stress reliever.

Ginger Oil

Due to its liver-protecting properties, it is highly recommended for individuals recovering from alcohol addiction. But, in individuals with a history of opiate addiction, it helps manage nausea associated with withdrawals.

Grapefruit Oil

The suboxone doctors inform that this essential oil regulates metabolism besides maintaining serotonin levels and promoting nourishment of all types.

Peppermint Oil

It is yet another excellent option to reduce feelings of nausea which is common amongst patients experiencing withdrawals.

Bergamot Oil

It is known as an energizing essential oil. It uplifts mood and reduces fatigue. However, when it is applied to the skin, it is best to avoid direct sunlight.

Roman Chamomile Oil

The experts at suboxone treatment near me say that due to this oil’s stress-relieving properties, it is known to reduce anxiety and depression and improve sleep significantly.

Ylang Ylang Oil

It can help in boosting self-esteem and reducing anxiety. This essential oil may not suit everyone. Therefore, individuals are advised to do a patch test before application.

It is worth investing in essential oils because the benefits they offer are endless. If you can bear the sublocade price, you can probably bear the cost of essential oils. So, don’t think twice before investing in aromatherapy besides MATs for holistic healing.

How to choose better quality essential oils?

According to the professionals providing suboxone treatment near me, the quality of essential oils varies, depending on several factors. Therefore, while purchasing essential oils, keep these in mind:

  • Purchase from known companies
  • Look at the ingredients
  • Buy 100% essential oils only
  • Buy essential oils available in dark glass containers
  • Check price


Aromatherapy can be extremely rewarding during addiction recovery, especially when used alongside MATs. However, choosing the right essential oil according to individual needs is crucial. Apart from the essential oils, the choice of an excellent treatment center that caters to all your needs is of paramount importance.

The expert professionals at suboxone clinics say that when individuals enroll in a rehab facility with qualified specialists and a secure environment, combined with effective essential oils for addiction recovery, they are likely to have a very smooth transition.

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