Being Introvert and Substance Addiction: Is there any Connection?

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Some people are automatically attracted to being with others. They make friends fast, and they always seem to be happy and comfortable with people. These individuals are referred to as extroverts. Some people do not find it as simple as that. They have a challenging time making friends, and they seem to be the most relaxed when they are alone. We are calling these people introverts. A more specific way to describe introversion may be to suggest that it is a condition of or propensity to be wholly or primarily obsessed with and involved in one’s mental existence.

As people fall gradually into addiction, they may get progressively separated. Even if they still decide to drink in others’ company, they still believe like they are somehow separated from the rest of the planet. This is where the most harm can be done to drug abuse. If the person feels that they face their addiction on their own, they may feel utterly helpless. They feel lost and have no path out of the crisis. Only when this person realizes that they are not truly alone can they continue to recover from this circumstance and ask somebody about drug addiction treatment centers or suboxone treatment centers near me without feeling shy or isolated. 

Shy or introverted!

Not all loners are introverts. A few people strive to be able to socialize with others, but they also do not feel inclined to do that. These individuals are generally identified as shy. This individual does not want to be alone because it keeps them happier, but because they seem like they do not have an alternative. Shyness can be described as an obstruction of social interactions that harms a person’s life. The shy lone is not pleased about who they are, and they will generally have to resolve their shyness to better their lives. The introvert typically does not feel the need to conquer something because they do what comes more instinctively to them. The difference lies in that a shy person who is addicted can go find a suboxone treatment center or suboxone treatmentnearby, but an introvert person will never admit that they are getting out of the track of life.

Introversion and Substance Abuse:

It would be far too easy to conclude that introversion correlates to drug abuse. This is because most of us with this form of personality would never have had any alcohol or drug problems. It has been reported that the majority of addicts start as feel lonely. This may be because they feel shy or because they are introverted. When these people start using alcohol and drugs initially, they can greatly boost their resilience to respond to social circumstances. It can turn even the most hesitant introvert into a party animal. This increased capacity to socialize is typically short-lived as a person becomes addicted, and having known the fact, they start fearing or feel to Google drug addiction treatment centers near me or suboxone treatment centers near me. Alcohol and drugs drain all the positive out of life over time, and finally, the person will feel more alone than they have ever been.

For example, if a young teen is shy towards her friends, she may think that drinking pulls out her “social” side. Kids have a lot of expectations for them to be fun, easy-going, and famous. Alcohol is an easy route to help your teen feel more comfortable and secure in social settings. When an addiction develops, an inherently introverted teen may inevitably feel humiliated or ashamed of her acts and would feel shy to admit that she is addicted and need to go under suboxone treatment. 

This would make her go back to her more relaxed, introverted ways.

Since nothing indicates that an introvert will become an addict and an extrovert will not, it is crucial to recognize the risk factors for dependence.

Dangers of Substance addiction for Introverts:

Those people who would have been classified as introverted face specific hazards when it comes to addiction, including

  • The introvert is going to be better at covering their issues. This means that they will sink deeply into addiction without family and friends understanding the decline’s magnitude.
  • When hooked, the introvert would generally choose to drink or consume substances alone. This further enhances their ability to disguise the problem.
  • The introvert may be less likely to acknowledge that they have difficulty asking for support.
  • Their dislike of social circumstances may keep people stuck in addiction because they do not like the idea of rehabilitating or going for drug addiction treatment centers or suboxone treatment near me. They use their introversion as an excuse for continuing to drink.


The desire to think critically about problems can become a responsibility when people are addicted to alcohol and substances. It indicates that they can get stuck within their own illusions, and it can be hard for other people to breakthrough. Having trouble with addiction is more than “challenging.” Searching for skilled support from drug addiction treatment center professionals and a better Suboxone treatment rehabilitation center will be the first step towards liberation from recovery.

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