An Attempt to Understanding an Addict’s Mindset and Behaviors:

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Understanding what goes in the mind of an addict helps you know why they behave in a particular manner.

For individuals who have never been quite exposed to substance use disorder, trying to process the working of an addict’s brain can be dubious. Developing substance use disorder alters the thought process of an individual. According to sublocade treatment centers, people tend to behave differently when they are under the influence of illicit drugs.

The basis of the thought process

The thinking pattern of most of the individuals is similar. It does not mean that the pattern is identical, but it has a resemblance. Just like other beings, human beings are also hardwired to meet basic survival needs. Our primal instinct is to acquire shelter, sustenance, and other necessary things to ensure our survival, pushing away the influences that may threaten our safety and may compromise our potential to survive.

In this sense, we all think alike (including the addicts). We are all interested in and striving for self-preservation. But suboxone treatment centers state that addicts go about this in a way that might confuse the non-addicts. Many drugs are known to provide short-term relief from the pains of life (emotional and physical). Troubled individuals often try to escape the agony of their unaddressed trauma by using substances. It’s what they believe to be a self-preservation act.

Biological changes associated with drug addiction is somewhat similar to the changes resulting from addiction to sex or food. However, experts at sublocade treatment say that drug addiction tends to do this in a pronounced way, often resulting in compulsive behavior.

Socialization and external validation also play a crucial role in influencing the thought patterns of addicts.

Socialization and external validation

The suboxone clinics near me claim that people who do not receive adequate love and affection in the growing years tend to experiment with drugs more often. Such people start believing that they’re not good enough.

suboxone clinics near me

There are several reasons for which such people consume drugs, like:

  • Drugs reduce inhibitions as well as social barriers, opening the way for effective communication. People get the confidence to communicate freely and no longer feel unworthy. Drugs enable them to socialize effectively, and people may feel the need to continue using drugs to maintain their social relationships.

It is a dangerous cycle, and breaking this cycle of addiction can be challenging because the person involved here gets addicted to two things: drugs and the connections formed due to drugs.

When individuals associate drugs with their potentiality to socialize, the addiction becomes dangerous and hard to overcome, says an experienced suboxone doctor.

  • Drugs are known to cause a significant change in dopamine and serotonin levels, the hormones associated with feelings of satisfaction and well-being. When people who suffer childhood trauma consume drugs, the neurotransmitters (dopamine and serotonin) increase in their system, which leaves them with a feeling of confidence, self-assurance, and control.

When individuals start to associate these feelings with drugs, it becomes a concern because they will continue to keep using drugs to achieve those feelings. If they fail to seek professional help at a suboxone clinic or learn to develop such feelings on their own, exposure to long-term addiction is highly possible.

Going downward in the spiral

The drug addiction treatment centers say that almost everyone has experienced what people with substance use disorder regularly undergo- restlessness, a feeling of irritability, discontent with the circumstances, and the inability to bring a change. Even individuals suffering from substance use disorder in the past but have been sober for about thirty years find themselves struggling with these feelings.

The experts providing drug addiction treatment have pointed out the central issue in this regard- many individuals who suffer tremendously from substance use disorder have developed an addiction in an attempt to escape these feelings. Such individuals started consuming drugs to replace the feelings of discontent with numbness or blissful euphoria.

Unfortunately, the individual who continues to consume drugs will require drugs increasingly to achieve the same level of relief. The individual will subsequently develop tolerance, and in this way, the vicious cycle of drug addiction begins to consume the best of individuals.

In the end

Addiction is a disease, and drug addicts are after all human beings; they should not be looked down upon or treated ill. Showing compassion to individuals who tend to behave differently from the status quo can be challenging, but the professionals at suboxone treatment near me advise that one must not fail to try.

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